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Enneagram for Idiots

Jul 2, 2018

Today we're talking about 9w8, The "Comfort Seeker", aka Tara's grandma aka Janet Jackson aka a security guard riding a bicycle on a beautiful day

We have named each wing subtype a chicken wing sauce, open to suggestions

This is the cutest 9 couple you'll ever see in your life

Who's in Vegas and wants to hang out with Marissa and her grandparents?

One time Tara's grandma parked in a Tim Horton's drive-thru

9s, read up on your emotional shit storm in the iceberg model

9w8's: do you have a power body? How big are your hands? You intuitive? You got spidey senses? You more sociable? How about funny and a little rough around those edges?

What do you do for your profession 9w8's?